Jan 9, 2012


I've been an ardent reader of pet forums ever since we decided to bring a pup home. And the more I read about Labs, the more in love I kept falling for the breed. There are a load of other breeds that I want to be associated with, like Boxers coz I find them damn cute, Rotties coz they look so fearsome, Great Danes just coz they are gentle giants etc etc... But right now, I have a Lab on my hands and he is quite handful at the moment. (Also, my mom would probably grill me if I bring another dog in the house) So, I'm sticking to having a single Lab in the home.

So, why am I rambling about my love for Dog breeds? Well, just to say that EVERY single Dog Forum I've been to, talks about how Labs are voracious eaters and how they gulp down their food, and how insatiable appetites they have etc etc.

I feel rather strange reading all those people claiming that Labs are voracious eaters. People also seem to believe that they are good learners and can be trained easily. I've a single question to ALL those people out there... How do you train a 6 month old Lab puppy not to FORGET that he is EATING???

Yeah, you read it correctly, how to I train Pluto not to forget that he's eating???

See the thing is...We have toilet-trained Pluto. So, when he wants to "go"... he walks over to the toilet, nudges the door open and does his business (I'm trying to teach him to flush also)... Which is all fine and dandy by me. The problem occurs when his bowels start moving while he's still eating his food. Its like he'll be half-way through the food, all of a sudden he'll feel the "pressure" so he'll stop eating, wonder off to the toilet, finish off his business and then walk out, right PAST his food bowl and continue back playing or simply go harrass my sister while she's working on something to play with him...

At first I thought, he was done eating....but if I call him back to his food bowl, the great hyper lab will finish off his food and then go back to his usual play around the house. (Strangly, Pluto only eats when he's hungry only as much as hunger he has...against him being a LAB)...

So, coming back to the original Question.... how do I train him not to forget that he's eating???

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