Jan 7, 2012

Another one...

I chewed off another one of mom's house slippers. (This would be her third pair)

Pretty cotton slippers
This time she had bought a cotton slippers this time, coz I chew off rubber one's with the ease of eating cheese...which is my fav food item BTW. I simply LOVE dairy products...milk, curd n cheese. You jst have to add single spoon in any food, and I gobble it up in a flash. Mom seems to worry abt my milk fascination at times...but doesn't care as I'm as healthy as any hyper lab can be.

So coming back to mom's slippers... This time she got herself (actually badi-mom got them), cotton fuzzy slippers. I've bern trying to sneak them off of her feet for a couple of days... I fonally got my chance last night, whn mom forgot to put them UP on the table...

Mom went sock-licious....
And then she woke up in morning to see these... Hee hee hee
Sad part of it all, is that she found a solution to my obsession soon enough... :(

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