Jan 23, 2012

Missing my little angel

It's been 4 whole days... I'm sitting here in the hospital with the latest addition to our household, recovering from the c-section... Waiting anxiously for the doctor to discharge me so that I can go n meet Pluto.

I've been hearing tales of his sniffing my bag, sleeping with my clothes n searching frantically through the house... n I'm real apprehensive to see his reaction to the changes in me (we got him when I was 3-4 months along, so he's not seen me normal) and also his take on the latest addition to the family...my baby boy.

They say, I'd b going home tomorrow morning. Let's see...


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    1. Hey...thanx RA

      It was a roller coaster whn I got back. You'll hear more as soon as I recover enough to sit with my laptop. :) there r sooooo many things to share