Jan 10, 2012

Do we want them to talk???

Being a pet parent changes a lot of things... It changes the way you look at world...all of a sudden the world is divided into two black n white halves...one with people who love pets...animals rather, and other with people who don't.

The contrast is very strong when you see and experience recklessness of the "other" part of the half. It's blood boiling, heart-wretching and simply unacceptable. Makes you wonder what is it that we are teaching our children? And whatever that we are teaching, is it really making an impact on the way young minds think? Coz, I don't know where are we teaching our children to be disrespectful to elders and cruel to mute animals?

When I was young, I was taught that respect to elders, love fellow humans and have campassion for mute animals. I was also taught to take responsibility for my actions...and to be brave to face consequences of those actions. Did we stop teaching these things nowadays? Or we don't enforce these teachings anymore?

Coz if we do all these things, how come a young lad finds it OK to run over a stray pup and walk out of the vehicle post parking it without even a backward glance to the yelping pup?

It makes me sad and angry. It almost made me want to slap the damn kid and shake some sense into him. It's simply inhumane to run over any living being... in a country like ours, where people are run over and nothing is done, its insane on my part to expect law to be brought into a stray being run over... BUT is it wrong of me to expect some decency from specimens that call themselves HUMAN?

Had it not been for the yelps of the little one, I would have spent my time whipping the guy and knock some sense it him. What also saved him, was the sheer number of people who stepped up to save the little one. The crowd did what I was hoping to do...brought the kid back to scene and made him pay for all the doctor's bills for the little one. There were more than a  dozen people who walked over to the little one, calmed her mother and took her to the doctor, a 15 min drive away. (My dad included in the group at my insistence). The little one spent the night on sedatives and was fed by more than a couple hands over the next few days, the broken leg was plastered and medicine administered. Even when the little one was being taken care of... it took all my reserve to not bring her up to my place. (Pluto would have caused more trouble to her than peace)

Its been more than a couple of months now to the incident....By the sheer tenacity of the canine nature, the little one is back to its youthful nature, jumping around and running; though the leg has not fully mended, she still runs with a limp. (The snap shows the little one and her mom... U can see her bad back leg..) Looking at her, you tend to thank god for making her mute, coz you surely don't wanna know what all she might be going through living on the streets all by herself. She sure has a lot of things to tell and say to my fellow  HUMANS. And if she does talk, will we be able to handle to truth from her point??

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