Nov 22, 2011

I'm on a mission to investigate....

Hi, Pluto here.!.!.

Amu dee came back from college late one night, and thought she could have her dinner sitting on the floor while I was off leash and moving around. She didnt think I would come barging in the room soon after she sat down for dinner na...But I was in mood to do some investigation of my own. Afterall the smell coming from the plate was really intersting, nothing like my stupid dog-food or even ice-cream that I love so much.

That's me helping Amu dee to clean up.
I tried my best to investigate. I really wanted to tell you guys what all was there in that plate. But more I tried pushing my nose in her plate, the higher the plate went. I even tried climbing on Amu Dee's lap to reach to the high flying plate. Boy, was I  rewarded for all my hard-work.!.!.

The yummie smelling dal...fell all over Amu Dee. (You see, she didnt realise that when she was batting me away with one hand and raising her plate by second, the plate was tilting gradually, till the bowl of dal emptied itself on her head and dress....)

Being the ever helpful puppy that I am, I immediately tried helping her in cleaning up... but she didn't seem very happy about my help. still wanna know why mom wants to rename me "Curious George"?


  1. Well, now I don't think your mom should waste time thinking. You are a Curious George!!!