Nov 18, 2011

And mom thought I was a good boy

Mom was busy with her laptop at her desk...busy as usual with her books and books... There was quite in the house so mom simply assumed I was sleeping as usual...little did she know that I was up for mischief behind her back...

Little did she know, I was frolicking around in the house, looking for things to play with...and can you believe the luck?

Look what I found on the table guys...can you hazard a guess what this WAS before I ripped it to shreads?

Ha ha ha...
It was a roll of toilet paper, which mom forgot to put in the closet... so, I took the liberty of taking up on mom's bed and play a little with it.

oooohh....its made quite a mess, hasn't it....You think I'll get in trouble for this???


  1. Oh dear, you probably won't!
    That was a good read.

    1. :) thanks Leo

      check out my latest antics

  2. It put a smile to my face, this post of yours :D
    Really good read :D :D

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