Oct 20, 2011

The white enemy

Diwali preps are in full swing... I n Pluto have been locked outside of bedroom, where mom is in full swing for cleaning. So, to keep myself busy I started cleaning kitchen while Pluto was busy sneefing under closed bedroom door, nudging the door to see if he can sneak peak inside.

A couple of minutes of cleaning done, I suddenly hear Pluto barking... I walked a couple of paces, peaked around from washing machine, I see Pluto standing at bedroom door. I think to myself, that he's tired of nudging, so he's gone into offensive strike mode. I shake my head n get back to kitchen... But Pluto is insistent and now I can hear him growling... Thats new. I hurry back to him, and he's not facing the bedroom door. He's actually standing in full alert mode, looking at bathroom door n growling n barking.... I wonder what is he growling at... That growl suddenly makes me realise, no matter how cute, adorable, lovable n chitaku my puppy is... He's still a beast. Its a very basic, intense n primal growl.

I hurry to him...trying to figure out whats got himin attack mode. I step behind him, peering inside the bathroom...and burst out laughing finding the reason of his ferocious attack stance.

See...while we are in cleaning mode, mom started on laundry, n put her fav detergent in machine along with curtains... The major selling point of this detergent is its foaminess. And just a minute back I drained the washing machine. The drain pipe of machine shares the same exhaust point as the bathroom drain. And force of draining water has caused the foam to rise from bathroom drain.

From Pluto's perspective something white n noisy is emerging from a corner in bathroom. And as the guarding beast he needs to protect his territory... So, he's in full alert mode, growling n barking....at detergent FOAM... :)

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