Oct 17, 2011

A steel-y obsession...

Recently we discovered that Pluto enjoys heavy metal... it started with his accidental jump on a steel tumbler. He knocked a steel tumbler down and was stratled with the loud noise it created... In his own personal puppy style, he tried pushing the tumbler away which caused another set of noise. And which set of Pluto on a "chase-the-noise" journey through the house... at a point the tumbler was caught between the washing machine and the wall and stopped moving... no matter how much Pluto probed and poked, the tumbler wont move... what is a little puppy has to do to make that dumb noisy thing to move??? Any guesses... well, he started encouraging the tumbler in his own sweet way... by barking. :)

None of us are used to hear Pluto bark. Whenever he barks, the entire household rushes to him, to find out whats causing him to bark... usually it's a pigeon on the window sill or some neighbouring kid trying to tease him through the half open door... but ever since the steel tumbler event, we have come to realise that the easiest way to get Pluto to raise his voice is to give him access to metal.

To test this theory we did a small experiment... we introduced him to my sisters color pallete box. The box is flat, thin and metal... we emptied the box of its possession and made it to stand upright... and the fun that followed cracks us up even 2 days post the event... I recorded a small video of Pluto with the box today morning... Check out how he jumps on the box if the box slides away from his paws... I think, he believes the box is running away from him... its sooooooo damn cute. Hope you enjoy the vid as much as I have enjoyed making it... (am sorry for the initial background noise...I was watching Big Bang Theory when I started filming...)

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