Dec 6, 2012

Hip Dysplasia... whats THAT???

Hey guys... Long time no see...

Well, since Mumma moved out of grandma's house and I don't live with her anymore, she finds it difficult to blog much about my antics and hyper-activity these days... But rest assured, It won't be long before I and Mumma are re-united. Till then its going to be very irregular posting season for us.

BTW, mumma did drop by with the little one the other day and we went out for a little frolic on the terrace. and you know what Mumma noticed? Well, apart from grandma spoiling me rotten ofcourse.... She noticed that I'm in a much better shape and form and she can't find any signs of Dysplasia in me. Yuppieeeee....

(We are under no illusions that its cured or anything...but we are glad that the medication and care is paying off and I'm no longer in pain and discomfort.) Check out my snaps... Don't I look DASHING...


  1. Harrroooo mate! Woo are furry photogenic BOL!! Glad woo are getting on well. Play bows,


    1. hey RA... Thanks... Mumma also says I am photograph well... :)