Oct 9, 2012

Pluto...the snuggler

Labs are cutie-pies that think, snuggling is their birth right and their humans are the most preferred BEDS that they want to sleep on... Pluto is no different... You don't believe me? Here's evidence...

That's him when he was
just 2-3 months old, he's claiming my foot...
That's him getting/demanding a rub from Grandma.
That's him hogging a place next to mom after
she got back home from hospital with the little one

That's Pluto claiming his place on Amu D's Lap

That's Pluto with Grandma just after she returned from work

And now is the time for ULTIMATE proof....

Here's when Amu Di was trying to sleep the other night...




  1. Great mischief on the bed, doggie! Our dog comes on our bed now and then too. Don't know what got into her!

  2. Labs are such snuggle-bugs!