Sep 12, 2012

Man is a dog's idea of what God should be...

There are a lot of strays around office premises, in and around the residential complex tat I live...and in Pluto's absence, I've started noticing them more and more. It seems like once your heart is touched by a canine, you can't help but love all of them...kinda like how new moms find all babies cute and lovely. So, getting back the canines...

The predominant kind of canines that are found in and around me are usually referred as Indian Pariah.And they come in all shapes and sizes and colors. There is one sweet little female who follows me around every night when I walk through the parking lot. She's pretty young and hyper, she reminds me of Pluto....only a darker, more healthier version of Pluto may be. Recently there is this new dog that started joining this Black Angel...a mangy colored short one. But one thing that I noticed immediately that if Angel was boisterous, little Orange was the shy one. She never approached me on her own, even when she knew I had biscuits in my hand. What really hurt me, rather shocked me last night, was that Orange was sleeping around a stairwell and I reached out to her from behind. She literally jumped out of her skin. Her eyes were scared. And she won't come near, even after showing her the biscuits in my hand. She was afraid and it hurt to know she was afraid of me. I kept the biscuit on the floor and waited till she approached gingerly towards it. I could see and feel her apprehensiveness and she looked ready to spring in opposite direction at any moment. I couldn't help but wonder, WHY?

I got my answer when I reached home. There was a document waiting for me there. I had applied for a volunteer position with P.A.W.S. near my house. Being without Pluto is grating on my soul and I know I need to get my fill of unadulterated love that only animals can provide. So, I applied for a volunteer position with P.A.W.S. And they had sent the form via courier. One look at the envelop and I got my answer...


  1. That simple statement makes me want to cry. The poor thing - I'm glad you are helping them.


  2. Hey Sam,

    It did make me cry...coz I cudnt find any justification, rhyme or rhythm...its shameful for us humans that THIS has to be printed on an envelop for us to realise such simple fact of life. Why do we have to see it printed to realise Dogs (or all animals for that matter) are LIVING BEINGS??? :(

  3. Bless woo mate, & thank woo for your kindness,