Jun 16, 2012

Jump jump baby...AKA Monsoon Madness

Monsoon brings with it a sense of nostalgia, memories of wet days n monsoon treks, of days gone by n laughs shared...and it also brings with it...a crop of creepy crawly tiny insects of all shapes, sizes n variety of colors.

This time around monsoon brought on a new dimension of joy... Pluto's immense curiosity about all flying objects. Though, he'll have better chances of learning to sing before he could catch anything that flies, he does not give up his efforts to investigate.

Here's one video capturing his antics. In this one he's trying to catch a bee. Though, its a bit dated n grainy...his Monsoon Madness is in the same league...


  1. Nice video!!!
    Thanks for sharing...

    1. :) Thanks for stopping by.
      Stay tuned for more antics

  2. That video looks just like Sheba. She tries to catch anything that flies.

    1. ha ha ha...
      Pluto hasn't really managed catching any UFO, yet. But he sure tries his best to do so... and looks extremely cute and funny, at the same time.

      Love and Paw-shakes for Sheba
      Mumma and Pluto