Apr 21, 2012


Sometimes I "really" doubt if Pluto has ANY lab genes... They say Labs are intelligent..when I look at Pluto, he seems to be using his intelligence only when trying to get your attention. They say Labs are easily trainable, Pluto seems to be wanting to learn how to get you to drop your food, human food... They say Labs are voracious eaters, Pluto never runs behind his food. They also say Labs love water...well, here's the evidence, you decide...

This is how it starts... Mom tricked me into thinking we are going for a frolic to terrace...

I tried talking her out of it... Mom, I really don't need a bath

Then, I tried to find if there was an escape route...

Can I at least try to the water beforehand??

But she tricked me, hosed me when I wasn't looking..

What could I do, but to surrender???

Get off me... Get off me.... Get off me....


  1. Yeah, my Labs haven't really been to fond of water either, but they have all been voracious eaters.

    1. Lucky you... I'm blessed(?) with the task of cajoling Pluto to eat... :)

      Am planning to take him out to seashore or river... let's see how that works out.

  2. Oh my super cute. Yeah, from the looks of it he doesn't seem to like the water. Maybe he will warm up to the idea the older he gets. Hey there new here, I found you through the Monday link up. I am running a new link up called "Letters To My Pets" hope you can mosey on over and check it out!

  3. Roooo Pluto, I feel for you! I had to have a bath the other day too, and it was NOT FUN! give me a muddy water puddle any day, just as long as there is no soap in sight! *waggy tail*

    1. Hmmm.... So SOAP is the main culprit, is it... :)