Feb 24, 2012

Hip Dysplasia... Can anyone help???

Past couple of days I've been noticing Pluto having difficulty in getting up from floor. During his past visits to the vet, she kept saying Pluto looks fine and the slowness while getting up is probably due to the unusual cold we are having combined with his fondness for sleeping on floor instead of his own bed...

After I got back from hospital, I've been watching him obsessively... In my mother tongue there is a saying which roughly translates to "there is no comparision to the worst thoughts that pass through a worrying mothers head" And my last visit to the vet confirmed my worst fears... my little angel is a strong candidate for Hip Dysplasia.

Vet has put him up on some medication for joints (Pet joint by PetCare) and has told us that we will get an X-ray once he completes 9 months... that is still 3 more months away and I'm getting anxious. I've been reading, reading and reading since we got back from Vet yesterday... and I can't find anything to help me understand what are we looking at or facing.

Is anyone out there who would make me understand what are we facing? Please don't tell me to talk to the Vet.. I tried that, and she keeps saying its too early to say anything and not to worry...

Can anyone help? Please?


  1. Aw poor Pluto, we don't know much about hip dysplasia but we will definitely keep the dear in our thoughts and prayers!

    RA, Isis & Nanuk